Shipping & Returns

Almost 90% of our articles will be delivered to you free of charge (digitally or by post – please refer to the respective item description)​

Letter service

1,90 €

No insurance

DHL Standard

4,90 €

DHL Express

14,90 €

DHL Cash on Delivery

8,90 €

Plus a fee of 2€ for the deliverer

Cash on Pick-up*

0,00 €

*No pick-up option for digital deliveries.


Shipping outside of Germany (Worldwide):


Deutsche Post

6,30 €


14,90 €

Delivering outside of Europe needs special calculation. Please contact our customer service.


Shipping based on weight and size:

Shipping costs vary according to weight and size of each of our products​.

20 kg and on

+ 5,00 €

30 kg and on

+10,00 €

40 kg and on

+20,00 €


Delivery period:

Digital delivery worldwide: 12 – 24 hours after receiving full payment

within Germany: 1 - 2 business days​
within Europe: 5 - 6 business days

If no other information given on the product information page the item will be delivered within 1 business day after conclusion of the contract (in case of pre-payment after receiving the full price and shipping costs).​ 


to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.


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