Volume license

Here we will give you an overview of a Microsoft Office volume licenses:

What is an Office volume license?

Companies buy a certain amount of keys according to the respective volume given from software manufacturers. They can then be downloaded and installed multiple times.

Is buying or selling a single Microsoft volume license legal?

Whether or not the single licenses were part of a volume license – based on rulings of the European High Court of Justice as well as the High Regional Court and Court of Appeal Frankfurt am Main Germany in 2012 the re-selling of single licenses coming from an entire volume package is fully within the law and therefore not illegal.

Why should I buy Microsoft Office volume licenses?

  1. Volume licenses can be virtualized. Here’s an example: A Windows Server R2 2008 Standard contains a physical and a virtual license, i.e. the server can be installed once physically on hardware and once virtually. Keep in mind though that the server is bound to a physical installation. Hence you cannot install it twice virtually. Virtualizing requires Hyper-V which is included in the Windows Server R2 2008 Standard edition.
  2. Volume licenses can be operated terminally. Here’s an example:  One of the key components of the Windows Server R2 2008 Standard is the terminal server which allows RDS (Remote Desktop Services) features to be performed. This supports the user with VID (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).
  3. Volume licenses can legally be split which the Higher Regional Court and Court of Appeal in Frankfurt am Main, Germany explicitly underlined in its ruling.

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