Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premiere for Windows

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premiere for Windows

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premiere for Windows

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premiere for Windows

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

The whole package for professional post production

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium is a high performance production environment supporting nearly all output formats. You can flawlessly exchange your project data with other software for editing audio and video content and prevent any disturbance to keep a professional work flow. The Mercury Playback Engine puts immediate effect to your idea for you to quickly realize them, saving your time and getting fast results. Raw content is easily managed from the first step up to the final touch with tagging and ingest features from Adobe Prelude as well as the color matching from Adobe SpeedGrade. CS6 Production Premium stands for strict and efficient production.

The most important reasons on why you should buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

Smart interface in Adobe Premium Pro

With a highly intuitional and customizable interface you can easily keep an overview over your video projects. Clips can directly be played in the media browser.

Global Performance Cache in Adobe After Effects

The new technology uses full potential of 64-bit systems generating and caching previews. The time consuming update of frames no longer exists.

Creative image processing with Adobe Photoshop Extended

Retouch your images with a new pool for content-based tools. Get even faster results now optimizing large files – with the new Mercury Engine.

Creativity tools in After Effects

Extrude texts and data that have been processed with Raytracing. Add reflections, environment maps and other features. Work with 3D elements, shades and reflections – on high quality. Place 3D track points in 2D raw material.

Adobe SpeedGrade for the perfect style

Use precise tools for lighting and coloring. Supported formats are i.a. raw content, HDR and stereoscopic material. Create subtle HDR nuances in the source material or import sequences from Premium Pro to get even better color matching.

Fast audio processing with Adobe Auditio

Make your projects come into reality even faster with the help of powerful, intuitional features such as automatic alignment of audio, real time data expansion and speed controlling. To enhance a professional level multiple sound mixer are supported.

Tagging and Ingest with Adobe Prelude

You can easily import nearly any data based format of raw material and work with specific time marker to keep and overview until post production.

Great improvements in Premium Pro

Use different layers to put your desired effect on several videos simultaneously. Take benefit from high level color matching and improved support for more camera sources. Send parts to SpeedGrade for even better color matching.

Rolling shutter repair

Thanks to GPU boosted stabilizer tools you can correct shaky footage in Premium Pro. The rolling shutter repair feature fixes any distortions due to hasty movement and such. It is available in After Effects as well as Premium Pro.

GPU boosted performance

With support for OpenCL and NVIDIA Maximus work station the Mercury Playback Engine gets your highly efficient and professional results. GPU boosted features are available in Photoshop, SpeedGrade and After Effects.

Extensive support for any format

There is nothing you can’t edit with CS6 Production Premium. New on the list of natively supported formats are ARRIRAW, RED EPIC and RED Scarlet-X.


You can exchange data and project files from CS6 Production Premium with third party software without having to worry about operability and cross functionality anymore.

Screen-plays with Adobe Story

Create your own story and let your creativity come to its maximum. Work directly on your desktop. Use the information in your script to speed up the production process.

Adobe Media Encoder now faster and more flexible

Work fast and flawlessly on content for nearly any screen. You can pre-configurate parameters with the new browser to individualize and manage at your own pace. This helps you speed up export and background batch-processing.

Meta data in your project management

The native 64-bit compatibility under Mac OS and Windows provides optimized performance and RAM-usage for getting maximum precision, speed and stability.

Mecury Rendition Engine in Premiere Pro

The extensive support for meta data within all CS6 Production Premium workflows makes managing and editing your video project almost child’s play. With Adobe Prelude you can import and tag media data. Take your screenplays from Adobe Story to make even greater projects and get the maximum out of Adobe software.

Vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator

With the new Mercury Performance System you can easily create 2D and 3D animation. Benefit from the powerful trace engine and even better integration of After Effects with a customizable interface.

Faster authoring for Blu-Ray, DVD and Web-DVD

Without having to render them you can send project data from Premiere Pro to the new 64-bit supported version of Adobe Encore. Powerful and solid authoring tools and features speed up your work. Large files with higher resolutions can now be opened and saved faster.

Interactive content with Adobe Flash Professional

Create and export HTML5 content. Implemented HTML help tools support you from the very first stip. Enlarge the scope of your content by mixing them with Adobe AIR and Flash Player to optimize them for more platforms and devices.


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