Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for Windows

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for Windows

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for Windows

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for Windows

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Animation, 3D and graphical analysis on a high level standard just for your professional image processing.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 extended contains the whole utility package of Photoshop CS6 with additional special features and tools for detailed analyzation and 3D works.* Create high level 3D graphics and upgrade them with shading, lighting and animation. Retouch your images with matchless precision, control and speed. Create diversified videos. Realize even your craziest design ideas in the blink of an eye. Natural, expressive and passionate drawings – benefit from the high performance Mercury Engine.

*Some 3D and GPU based features cannot be run under Windows XP.

Why you should buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended


Content-based technology

Retouch your images with unmatched precision, control and speed. After removing or moving selected items the images will automatically be revised to fit any changes in sizes that may have occurred.

Mercury Engine and 64-bit compatibility

The new Mercury Engine sets a new standard for performance. Processing large files and images will no longer be a problem thanks to the cross-platform 64-bit compatibility.

3D-controlling within your reach

Create 3D graphics intuitionally with the smart interface without even using tools. Providing interactive and context sensitive control elements right on the work surface you can easily create cages for 3D extrusion, edit object alignments and use light effects.*

Content-based remodeling

You will have even better control touching up your images. Just select the part you want to improve and it will automatically be done.

New and improved design tools

The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended tools greatly save your time: typography templates for consistent formatting, vector planes for outlines and vector leveling. You will also be able to easily create individual outlines and dashed lines and a lot more.

Create your own videos

Take advantage of the whole package and use all the included features for video content. You can use every tool to improve and edit your video clips and even create your own content.

Plug-In Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7

Thanks to improved processing and control functions you can get the best out of your JPEG and raw content.  Take different coloring, emphasize on your lighting without losing the effect of your shades and much more.

Improved cutting tools

The new cutting tool works directly on the work surface and makes it easy for you to quickly and precisely cut your images.

Superb auto correction

Optimize your images with powerful control elements for automatically plotting curves, tonal value correction and brightness/contrast. The implementation of data of several thousand manually retouched paintings is the best possible source for your work.

Smart lens correction

Use the auto correction for easily straightening your images that are taken in panorama mode and such due to your objective lens.

Great HDR images

Create photo-realistic or surreal HDR images with unmatched speed. Unwanted outlines and shades will automatically be removed and corrected.

True-to-life painting tools

Using all the provided tools you can create realistic colorings and impressive compositions. The special features on Photoshop CS6 will give you a realistic experience and make your work look almost too natural.

Smart selection tools

Using the tools for selecting special areas and special content you can easily but precisely target even the most complex parts such as facial parts, hair and such.

Shaping tool

Thanks to the new Mercury Engine you can flawlessly change shapes on your images to improve their quality and effect, e.g. stretching out bent arms.

Smart background saving and auto-recovery

There will be no need any longer for you to manually save your work to prevent it from getting lost due to unforeseen events. Every change you make on your work will automatically be saved in the background without disturbing you from progressing your work.

Improved scrim diffusing

Use the smart interface and improved scrim diffuser to quickly add some blurring effects to your images. Create tilt shift effects or focus a particular part on a blurred image. The new Mercury Engine will show your results immediately after using the tools.*

User voices

We appreciate every single suggestion on improvement for making an even greater software so we strive to take every idea from users submitted via Facebook, Twitter and such into serious consideration. You can benefit from more than 65 improvements we made out of user ideas.

Modern surface

You will work with a fresh and elegant Photoshop work surface. Take the best out of it and all the other features to make your image processing even better.

DI COM compatibility

Correct, comment and analyze DICOM files. Work flows for medical image processing will now be faster with the DICOM compatibility because DICOM files now can be opened in the correct order.

App compatibility

Take your creativity beyond your desktop computer. Get the supported apps for Photoshop or the Adobe Touch apps for your smartphone or tablet (both separately available).**

*3D and some GPU based functions cannot be run under Windows XP.

**The applications for mobile devices and tablets must be downloaded separately and are subject to additional Terms of Use. They may not be available in all countries and languages and can be changed or terminated without prior notification. Some applications and services might be subject to charges.



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