Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for Windows

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for Windows

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Get the full power of 64-bit and produce highly professional videos faster than ever

Adobe Premium Pro CS6 is the leading cross-platform software solution for professional video production. Both low and high resolution content (up to 5K and even higher) can be edited faster, more precisely and without transcoding. Take the whole benefit from the modern 64-bit system power, highly intuitional workflows and the integration of other Adobe applications such as Final Cut Pro* and Avid. Stabilize blurry footage. Work with as many camera sources as you like. Apply special effects in real time and prepare your videos to be played on nearly every screen.

*Final Cut Pro 7 and prior versions.

Why you should buy Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:

Smart and highly intuitional interface

Keep the overview over your videos with newly designed monitor screens, customizable toolbars and fullscreen mode. Additional features and an improved audio mixer make the audio work a lot easier.

Flawless workflows

Over 50 new and special features improve your workflow and make it easier for you to switch from other NLE software to Adobe. Mix audio content without any effort. Customize your keyboard commands to get a smooth routine at your own pace.

Dynamic cutting

Powerful cutting tools make your work even more comfortable. Edit video content either with keyboard commands on the cutting screen or dynamically on the interface.

Stabilize blurry footage

The high performance technology from Adobe After Effects lets you easily fix wiggly content due to hasty movement and such. Remove trembling, rolling shutter and other distortions.

Work with multiple cameras

You can work and edit raw content from as many cameras as you like. For each track the related audio wave will be shown. You can switch tracks in real time. The synchronization will be executed based on the time code. You can also use automatic color matching for even better results.

Multiple layouts

Work with multiple layouts just like in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to edit all your different content at once. Masking tools will help you edit particular parts of a video.

Boosted prohect workflows

Keep an overview over all your media mdata. The new project screen shows you thumbnail previews of your different videos. The sizes are customizable. You don’t need to load your videos into the source screen anymore for fast raw cutting. The new project screen gives you the option to quick-edit your content, e.g. scrub it with in and out points.

Optimized Mercury Engine

The new GPU boosted Mercury Playback Engine and powerful 64-bit system support keeps the highest possible standard and ensures maximum performance. Support for OpenCL and NVIDIA Maximus Technology gives the final touch in the fastest high quality video processing ever.

Extensive support for native formats

You can import and edit nearly every video format. Work with the raw footage and keep a high standard. No transcoding and conversion will take up your time anymore. Premiere Pro CS6 supports new cameras such as ARRI, RED EPIC, RED Scarlet-X and Canon EOS C300.

Flexible audio processing

Mono and stereo content can freely be dubbed and fixed. Use new customizable audio tracks. Create a master track for multiple channels without any effort.

Efficient color workflows

The intuitional Three Point color matching improves the precision on primary and secondary color matchings. Export sequences directly into the new Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 for extensive matching.

Adobe Mercury Transmit

You will benefit from the new and improved compatibility with third party hardware. With Mercury Transmit you can use the Mercury Playback Engine on extern screen and a lot more.

Rolling shutter repair

This feature lets you easily correct and remove any distortion and blurriness on your videos caused by hasty movement and such.

Adobe Prelude CS6

With Prelude you can work on raw material, edit and cut your content for further procession with Adobe Premiere Pro and add comments or marks. This will help you manage your content with greater efficiency.

Flawless playback

Cut raw footage in real time with no disruption on the playback. While playing your video files you can apply special filter modes, change parameters and add effects.

Improved workflows with other Adobe applications

Switch objects effortlessly between Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop Extended, Encore, Illustrator and Audition. With the powerful Adobe Dynamic Link you can open compositions from After Effects in Premiere Pro too. No need for rendering anymore.

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6

SpeedGrade CS6 provides precide tools for high level color matching. This will give your work from Premiere Pro the final touch.

Compatibility with third party software

You can now cross-work between Adobe and third party software such as Final Cut Pro 7*, Avid and many more thanks to the improved support for XML, AAF and OMF.

Adobe Media Encoder

The Media Encoder ensures the compatibility of your content with nearly every screen.

Play on DVD, Blu-Ray and Web-DVD

With the powerful 64-bit supported Adobe Encore CS6 you can release your projects on DVD, Blu-ray and Web-DVD. No in between rendering anymore.

* Final Cut Pro 7 and prior versions.

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