Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise

Manufacturer No: 395-04540

Communication tools should be cost efficient and flexible. Microsoft Exchange Server helps you reaching a new dimension of reliability with high performance results. New features make the administration and management easy to handle, secure a safe and smooth communication, impress users and hence encourage communication methods within your company. Meeting all your specific needs and adaptable to any business profile makes Microsoft Exchange Server the cornerstone of Unified Communications. Microsoft Exchange 2016 software can help you improve results and also make it a lot easier as well as affordable to implement and set up Compliance. A great and smart interface with features to prevent the loss and maintain the flow of information makes this office solution the best possible messaging and exchange software on the market.

General information:

Language: German

Number of keys: 1 single user MLK, volume license

System requirements:

CPU: 64-bit based CPU

HDD: 30 GB or more

Further information: Please check the official Microsoft specifications. Feel free to ask our customer service staff anything you might find yourself troubled.

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