Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

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Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

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Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Manufacturer No: FQC-02368

Windows 7 Enterprise provides you with everything you need for succeeding at home and work. You can operate and manage Windows XP based programs thanks to the implemented XP compatibility mode. With Windows 7 Professional you can easily connect to your work network and share or even restore automatically saved data into your own home network. But work should not always be the center of life – that’s why Windows 7 Professional also features a lot of entertainment software!


  • safe connection to firm networks
  • interface utilities such as Shake and Snap
  • easy taskbar editing
  • reliable creating and connection of networks
  • viewing, pausing, rewinding and recording TV programs with Windows Media Center
  • fast access to your favorite pictures, music, documents and web sites
  • thumbnail preview, easy-to-understand symbols and new ways of individualizing
  • power saving mode
  • fast connection and installment of USB-driven devices
  • Windows XP compatibility mode

General information:

Language: German

Number of keys: 1 (single user MLK, volume license)

System requirements:

CPU: 1 GHz or higher

RAM: 1 GB or more

HDD: 16 GB free disk space


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